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Data has never been more mobile as Globalgig fills all the current gaps in your connectivity. Having partnered with leading network operators around the world, Globalgig is a reliable companion in your mobile life.





Never again worry about the hassle that using data abroad often brings. With a Globalgig connection, you can access data in the UK, across Europe and throughout the rest of our 100+ country network, all as part of one simple data package.


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Globalgig simplifies your life with one SIM that supports your virtual world across the real world. With a combination of flexible data packages and international data Globalgig is the ultimate travel accessory.

3-in-1 SIM for your tablet or device


Our SIM fits any SIM-enabled smartphone, tablet or WiFi device.

Enjoy your own personal WiFi hotspot


Forget slow, untrustworthy connections at hotels, airports or coffee shops. Create your own WiFi hotspot just for you or share with 10 others.

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