Help & Support

  • Account Basics

    • How do I activate my service?

      Via My Account: If you have a Globalgig My Account, login using your registered email address and password and click Activate my service. You will need the 19-digit SIM number on the back of your SIM card.


      Online: If you do not have a Globalgig My Account go to to connect your service. You will need the 19-digit SIM number found on the back of your SIM card and your payment card details.


      Call-to-Connect: Alternatively, you can call our customer service team who will be happy to take you through the process. You will need the 19-digit SIM number found on the back of your SIM card and your payment card details.


    • What should my APN be set to?

      You need to set your APN to


      How to do this depends on which device you are using. Click to download the instructions relating to the device you are using:



      Apple iOS


      Globalgig ZTE MF65

      Globalgig E5220

    • What is an APN setting?

      The APN setting, or Access Point Name setting is what allows our SIM card to connect with our local network partners wherever you are so that you can access a data connection.

    • Setting up your 3-in-1 SIM

      When using your 3-in-1 SIM in your personal device you need to ensure it is set up correctly.


      Set APN to:

      Set data roaming to: enabled


      How to do this depends on which device you are using.


      Apple iOS



      If the settings are all correct and you continue to experience issues please reboot your device and re-check the settings.

    • Setting up your Globalgig Hotspot

      When using your Globalgig Hotspot outside the UK you will need to ensure that the APN is set correctly and that mobile data roaming is enabled.


      If you’re having trouble connecting when abroad and the settings are all correct, please reboot your device and re-check the settings.


      ZTE MF65

      Huawei E5220

  • Plan & Service Information

    • Globalgig Plans

      Click to view all our data packages.


      For details about our previous offerings, please download the relevant service description.

    • What is a data only service?

      Globalgig is a data only service that does not support traditional voice and SMS platforms.


      There are a variety of apps available such as WhatsApp and Viber that can be used to send messages and make calls which are supported by a data connection.

    • How much data do I need?

      Depending on whether you need a little or a lot of data, Globalgig has a data plan for you.


      The data package size you need will depend on what you’ll be using data for:

      If you’re just sending a few emails and briefly surfing web pages you’ll require one of our smaller packages.


      If you’re streaming music and videos regularly you’ll need one of our larger packages.


      Check out our data calculator for more information on how much data is needed for each activity.

    • Where can I use my service?

      All Globalgig plans can be used across our 100+ country network.


      The countries included in your data package depends on whether you have an Essential, European or Go Global data plan.


      Additional international charges and/or excess usage charges may be incurred when exceeding your data plan bundle.

    • How can I make changes to my service?

      You can make some changes to your service by logging in to My Account.


      Changes that are not available online can be made by contacting our support team who will be happy to take you through whatever you need.

    • My Account

      My Account is a convenient way to manage your Globalgig services online. My Account allows you to:

      • Track your current data usage
      • Update your payment details
      • Update your personal information
      • View your previous bills


      Forgotten your password? Click the forgotten password link on the My Account login page.

    • Thinking of leaving us?

      Please contact our support team who are here to help with billing, technical or coverage queries. If you do decide to cancel your Globalgig service, cancellation will take place at the end of your current bill cycle as long as you provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

  • Billing & Payments

    • Your invoice

      Each month we will send you a bill detailing your service charges


      Your invoice explained

      Click here to view our bill explainer.


    • How do I pay for my service?

      When you activated your service, you provide us with your payment details and authorised the automatic debiting of the amounts due each month from this payment details.


      Your monthly invoice will state the exact date we will debit your payment details.

    • Bill cycles

      When you activate your service you will be assigned a bill date. We will email your monthly invoice on this day each month. Pro-rata charges will be applied for the days your plan is connected that exceed your full bill cycle.

    • Pro-rata charges

      Pro-rata charges apply when you plan has been connected for more days than are in your monthly bill cycle. They commonly appear on your first invoice, or on an invoice following a plan change that has happened mid-month.


      Pro-rata charges are calculated by dividing the cost of your plan by the number of days in your billing cycle, then multiplying that by the number of days connected to your plan.

    • Early Termination Fees (ETFs)

      An Early Termination Free may apply if you disconnect your service during your plan’s minimum term.


      For example, if you activate a data plan on a 3 month minimum term and decide to cancel during month two.


      An ETF is calculated by multiplying your monthly plan fee by the remaining number of months in your minimum term period. Your final invoice will show this as an Early Termination Fee.

    • Overage charges

      If you exceed your monthly plan inclusions you will start to incur excess usage or overage charges. These charges are calculated on a pay-per-MB rate that depends on which plan you are on and in which country the service was used.


      Keep an eye out for the usage and spend alerts we’ll email you, or monitor your usage in My Account to make sure you’re aware of any additional spend.


      Full details available in your Service Description.

    • International charges

      Globalgig provides an international data service. Your international inclusions depends on which plan you have. Any international usage outside of your plan inclusions will be charged on a pay-per-MB rate that depends on which plan you are on and where the charges are being incurred.


      Keep an eye on the usage and spend alerts we’ll email you, or monitor your usage in My Account to make sure you’re aware of any additional spend.


      Full details available in your Service Description.

    • Outstanding balances

      If there is an outstanding balance on your account, you will continue to receive invoices even after disconnection, until any outstanding balance is cleared.

  • Spend Controls

    • Usage Notifications

      We’ll send usage alerts to your registered email address when you have used up 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data inclusions.


      You can also track your usage via My Account.


      Please note: Usage notifications are a best efforts service and may be late due to delays in receiving data records from our network partners.

    • Spend Alerts

      We will send you spend alerts for every £10 you spend in overage charges or international charges in excess of your monthly data inclusions.  We will also send you alerts when you reach 85% and 100% of your spend limit (usually £50)


      Please note: Spend alerts are a best efforts service and may be late due to delays in receiving data records from our network partners.

    • Spend Limits

      We limit additional charges, either due to exceeding your monthly data inclusions or using your service in a destination not included in your plan to £50 each month.


      You can increase this limit if needed.


      Please note: You may receive invoices with charges in excess of the £50 limit due to delays in receiving data records from our network partners.

  • Orders & Shipping

    • How much does delivery cost?

      Globalgig currently only delivers within the UK. All UK deliveries are free of charge.

    • How long does delivery take?

      All Globalgig orders should be delivered within 2-3 working days.


      You can call our support team to enquire about the status of your order.

    • What is your returns policy?

      Customers have the right to return any online purchases within 14 days without reason for a full refund.


      Globalgig hotspots should be returned to the following address:


      iGEM Communications Returns, Unit 3, Dunlop Road, Hunt End Industrial Estate, Redditch, B97 5XP


      If you suspect your hotspot is faulty, then please contact our Customer Care team who will help you diagnose the problem.  If a faulty hotspot is returned within warranty, then free replacement will be sent or a full refund will be issued.


      Hotspots returned outside the warranty will not qualify for a refund and any requested replacement hardware will be charged for.

    • The warranty

      • 1-year warranty starting from the day the customer orders the device
      • Device must not appear to be damaged. This includes damage from water
      • Device must not have been personalised in any way
  • Previous Knowhow Mobile Broadband Customers

    • Do I need to do anything?

      There’s no need for you to do anything. Your current plan will continue as normal.


      If you are lucky enough to be travelling further afield, you will need to upgrade your SIM card to access our full 100+ country footprint.

    • Does my plan change?

      Your monthly access fee and plan inclusions stay the same, please review your Service Description to view your out of plan charges, including costs to use data in the 100+ extended footprint.

    • Can I still use My Account?

      Yes – My Account still works with the email address and password you used to register with us.


    • Can I change my plan?

      Yes – you can change your plan to any of the current Globalgig plans.


    • I can see a charge by iGEM Communications on my statement – why is this?

      Globalgig is a trading name of iGEM Communications Ltd – this is you standard charge for your monthly fee.


Contact Us


The Globalgig Customer Service Team is available Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm and Bank Holidays 11am to 4pm.

You can call us on 03333 01 03 05 or email


What’s happening in Summer 2017?

More destinations


As you may know, this Summer new EU regulations will be coming into place that affect data roaming in the EU.


However, as we’ve been offering this for years, we’ll be offering access to even more destinations to make sure we’re still providing the same great service.


All of our Essential plans will include usage in 50 European destinations from 1st of July 2017. If you’re looking for a great value connectivity solution these plans could be perfect for you.


Simpler billing


From 1st of July 2017, Globalgig will be changing to Calendar month billing. From the beginning of July all Globalgig customers will receive their invoice during the first week of each month.


Your data plan will be available from the 1st day of each month to the final day of each month, and will renew in line with the calendar months.


As normal, plan fees will be charged in advance, and any overage or out-of-bundle changes in arrears.


Payment will be taken approximately 7 days after receiving your invoice, on the date your invoice specifies.



  • Why is my plan being changed?

    To make sure you have access to as many destinations as possible for the best possible price, we may automatically change the plan you are on.

  • When will my plan change take place?

    All plan changes will happen on the 1st of July 2017.

  • Will my new plan cost more?

    We won’t automatically move you on to a higher value plan without your consent. If we’re automatically changing your plan on the 1st of July 2017 your new plan will be the same value as your current one or may even be slightly cheaper.

  • I’m getting more for my money, is this right?

    Absolutely. We’ve taken a look at your usage and will only change your plan automatically if we know that the change will be beneficial for you, so you could receive more data or more countries at no extra cost, or we might have chosen a plan fee that reduces your monthly cost.

  • What if I’m unhappy about my plan change?

    We’ve done all we can to make sure the plan you’ll automatically be moved to will be beneficial for you, but if you are unhappy, please let us know and we’ll take you through all the available options.

  • Nothing seems to have changed, should it have?

    Not necessarily, if we’re continuing your plan or feel as though your plan is perfect for you, we may have decided not to change anything about your plan with us.


    Remember that the way we do our billing will be changing, so watch out for a slightly different invoice that will come in on the first of July.


  • I want a different plan to the one recommended to me – how do I change this?

    You’ll be able to change to any of our available plans, if you’d like to upgrade to a different plan, please let us know and we’ll discuss the options with you.

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